Service Reports

Many programs are organized in India for the upliftment of the society by the Education Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of Brahma Kumaris. Since 1982, the Education Wing, dedicated to develop values in human life, has been running programs like National Conference for Teachers, Children Personality Development Camp for moral, intellectual and character development of students, Teachers Training, Recipes, etc. Tree plantation campaign is carried out all over India through “Clean the Mind – Green the Earth” project. “Rajyoga for Kids” is organized on every Saturday for children and “Sunday Talk” is organized on every Sunday for the self-development of youth.

Since the year 2010, in collaboration with various universities of India and the world, many degrees, diplomas, certificate courses of “Value Education and Spirituality” are being conducted.
Education Wing has created such a platform through “Rajyoga Thought Laboratory” program, where we can research the effect of thoughts on our behavior and bring positive change.
Service reports of these programs are sent online from time to time to all the members of the Education Wing.