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About Education wing

Committed To Excellence in Education.

Values ​​and spiritual education is very important missing link in the present education system across the world. The system has a wonderful ability to remove the shortcomings prevailing in the educational systems across the world and aims at creating a positive educational environment.

Our Mission

What we offer for Growing Your Self

The Education Wing of Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahma
Kumaris has framed a curriculum based on values ​​and spiritual education for the
creation of a new bright future for the entire humanity. Study of this course develops one’s positive habit of thinking and attitude in life and makes him aware, diligent and truthful towards his actions and duty.

We offer Courses in
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Value Education & Spirituality

The education being imparted at the present time in our schools and colleges does not include the thinking for one’s own self and
development of understanding, consciousness, inner strength and values ​​for a smooth and peaceful life.. That is why even after

modernization, innovation and expansion of various dimensions of education, we find violence, corruption,
discrimination, dissatisfaction, tension, fear, confusion, negativity, superstition, uncleanliness in the society.

That is why value education and spirituality aims at developing knowledge and skills for material life. But here also one finds many
discrepancies arising in one’s practical life and attempts to solve them with a spiritual
approach and handling.

For Children

The choices of young people are critically important for more than one reason as they amount not only to their own happiness and well-being at this vulnerable time in their lives, but also for their future.

For Teachers

There is no denying the fact that in modern times we are surrounded by people of all ages and temperament affected by natural disasters, situations of conflict, personal hardship and circumstances, incarceration and rehabilitation. Hence the Education Wing keeps on searching for and associating them with our system of values and spirituality.

Professional Educators

No doubt therefore that professional educators who are dedicated to helping young people grow and achieve their potential in safe, caring, and good quality learning environments. Such professionally oriented teachers are committed to "living the values".

About Curriculum

Value Based Society

Values are powerful determinants of human accomplishment, progress, fulfilment,
and evolution. People may dedicate their entire life or even give up their life to
pursue their values. The virtues that determine our decisions and guide our lives are
already within us. It only depends on how much we recognize, value and use those
virtues. The Brahma Kumaris have always aspired to inculcate the elevated values
and qualities in man’s daily life, so that he is not only free from suffering and anxiety
but is also empowered to lend virtues and spiritual learning to the people and
atmosphere around him.

Our Courses - Value Education Programs

The Education wing is running various courses at the Under-graduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate levels in these institutions. Some of these courses are

Diploma in Value Education & Spirituality
B.Sc in Value Education & Spirituality
PG Diploma in Value Education & Spirituality
M.Sc in Value Education & Spirituality
PG. Diploma in Counseling & Spiritual Health
M.Sc in Counseling & Spiritual Health
PG. Diploma in Values in Healthcare
M.B.A in Self Management and Crisis Management

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Our Initiatives

Grooming the potential in Girls
We all are conscious of the fact that our women-folk have often been ignored in essential matters of family life, education, and even their own future course of life. It was in 1983 when the Brahma Kumaris realized the need and undertook the responsibility of showing the positive and constructive path to utilize girls’ potential of head and heart for their social uplift and thereby the development of human society at large.
Clean the Mind & Green the Earth
Mental Pollution is one of the major root causes of all kinds of pollution in the world. Negative, vicious and blindly copying the Western thinking have created a polluted atmosphere. Therefore the campaign focuses on awakening the spiritual components of human consciousness to create harmony in the human mind.
Divine Sanskarshala
The human character undergoes change almost every day, but the most crucial period of his life is the adolescent age when he is no longer a child but is also not accepted as a grown-up. He shuttles almost like the pendulum of a wall-clock between the two extremes and unfortunately he gets censured from both the sides.

Our universities were producing very good doctors, engineers and other professionals, but not ideal human beings. Due to lack of values, such persons could not be happy in spite of the fact that they were both intelligent and industrious. As the future reins of the country are going to be in the hands of more and more youths, it is imperative to introduce values and spirituality in our education system. That is why my university has entered into an MoU with Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya. I hope that this will supply the missing link in our education system.

Dr. R. Krishna Kumar The then Vice-Chancellor Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, Maharashtra

Brahma Kumaris organization is a unique university that enhances and develops the human potential. It imparts education for life, not for jobs. I wish it to grow day by day and one day to celebrate its centenary.

Dr. H. Maheshappa Vice-Chancellor Visvesvaraya Technological University Belgaum

It is a great opportunity and a rare occasion to come at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters. I must admit that occasions like this do come but very rarely in one's life. I consider this the rarest one in my life, to be in the midst of dedicated people, all pursuing one noble cause and that is to imrove the quality of life. Education is for life, it is not based simply on bookish knowledge, not merely believing in skills for earning a living. This doctrine is something that drives people together and I believe that is why we all are here.

Dr. S.N. Hegde The then Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore

We have many Vice-chancellors coming over here addressing this gathering. I was wondering how they could find time to come over here. Now I know the secret: they don't get such a beautiful audience as they get here. An audience, a cross section of the nation, an audience of several languages, an audience calm at mind, totally dedicated to what is going on in the conference. We don't find such an audience elsewhere. I feel honoured to address a gathering of such dimensions and qualities. As you walk in here, you find silence pervades the campus. People look at you with affection and esteem. That is a sort of mesmerism here. I find here an air of cleanliness, an air of serenity, sublimity, the supremacy of the soul. Nothing like as far as creed, the trifles.

Dr. B. Illango The then Vice-Chancellor, Bharathiar University

Brahma Kumaris is the only organization that gives a systematic knowledge of soul and God. It is only through BK values of non-violence and peace that his country, which at present is poor and under-developed and crime-infested, can attain true and substantial progress.

Mr. Gamzayev Ali Hasan Ali Director of University, Azerbaijan

In addition to the teachers, the technocrats and the saints are truely the builders of the nation. I am proud that the Brahma Kumaris University is playing an important role in establishing the Golden Age through God’s Wisdom

Dr. K.C. Singhal Vice-Chancellor, National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur