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Rajyoga for Kids is a spiritual webinar held on every saturday at 6pm

Kids from All Schools

Middle School
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Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

The future of a nation is its future generation and to nurture the golden future of that coming generation, a special webinar named ‘Rajyoga for Kids’ is organized by Brahma Kumaris every Saturday, where the youngsters are taught spirituality and values in an entertaining way. Many interesting activities are included in it, like Yoga and Exercise, Peace Meditation, GK Quiz, Fun Games, etc. Also, an online contest of dancing, singing, painting, poster making, speech delivery, story telling, fancy dress, photography etc. is organised, in which a lot of children participate with great enthusiasm!

Various Contest For Developing Growth of Child

Singing Competitions
Dance Competitions
Poster Making Competition
Story Telling Competitons
Fancy Dress Competitions
Mobile Photography Competitions
Rajyogi Kids

Bringing Excellence in Kids

This webinar, organized on the Zoom app, is also broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook, in which children of all ages from India and many other countries participate with great interest.

Developing Values in Early ages
Counseling & Proper Guidance for their Bright Future
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Rajyoga for Kids

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