Rise: National Education Campaign - Service Material

Launched by President of India

RISE project was launched by Hon’ble President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu at Brahma Kumaris Shantivan on 3rd January, 2023.

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Our Objectives

This Education Campaign will ignite and channelize constructive Thoughts of education faternity through creatively planned events and interactive sessions

To empower Teaching Learning Community through Rajyoga Meditation.

To uplift the consciousness of Students for Better Society.

To Inculcate Values Through Spiritual Knowledge.

To Promote through Environmental Awareness through sustainable Techniques

To enhance Productivity through Holistic Development.

Brahma Kumaris believe that Self Transformation leads to World
Transformation. The journey of a million’s transformation will create a Domino’s effect and will lead to rebuilding of the nation.


Each centre will prepare 200 education faculty for Nation Rebuilding

Events will be conducted at all levels:





Highlights of the Campaign

A range of workshops, youth camps & fests will be conducted nationwide to create awareness. We will also work in collaboration on a variety of projects that provide opportunities for youngsters.

Basic Rajyoga meditation course offered for education fraternity.

One on one offline counselling sessions at Brahma Kumaris Centre

Personality development camps for students are organized at Brahma Kumaris centre

Weekly online talk series designed to empower students in their journey towards success through the tools of scientific knowledge and spirituality.

Development of a conducive space in institutions where individuals can learn to work on their thought pattern & channelize them in positive direction.

A spiritual approach to work on inner conflicts of youngsters through collaborative learning under expert guidance.

Special sessions are designed to cultivate & nurture values through engaging activities & games.

Felicitation of selected students as “Ambassadors of Goodness” on the basis of good character, manners, etiquettes excluding academic performance.

Challenges of Teaching Learning Community

Topics explored during Campaign

Key persons of Education Wing, RERF

BK Shielu


BK Suman

National Coordinator

BK Shivika

HQ. Coordinator